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In the project room of the Kunstverein Kärnten July 2023

Metamorphosis represents the radical change of a being. In the reverse process, re-metamorphosis, this change is subject to reverse development and the being returns to its original form. Due to the current rapid social[*] change, it is not uncommon for some people to have a desire and almost an infantile longing for a return. Back to the familiar protected space, far away from the immanent negativity to which people are exposed.
The social imbalance dominates. The term positivist humanity, which is based on rationality and ethics, is tantamount to abstraction.
The works in the "Re-Metamorhose" exhibition visualised this abstract state in different ways.



[*]Countries subject to the capitalist system

Live Material

In the project room of the Kunstverein Kärnten July/August 2023

Modern opinion-forming takes place on a social and political level, often controlled by the media of all kinds. Intuitive positioning is disappearing. Rationality is being replaced by en vogue guidelines. The current extra-legal regulations are replacing rationality and if this is permitted, it remains latent. Although individuality is propagated, it is bound to current conventions and therefore does not allow for unrestricted individual fulfilment.
The complexity of individualism, especially at the mental level, is ignored.


Story Tellings

In the project room of the Kunstverein Kärnten September/October 2023

Personal autonomy, identification and narrative reasons form the basis for diverse narratives. Stories are articulated from the individual biographies that visualise the relativity of the autonomy of each individual, stories are articulated.
However, language with its literal richness is not enough. What is needed is an empathetic recipient to understand the narrative reasons and not to reduce the stories to articulation. The articulation does not have to find its necessity in the acoustics. The mental processes of the empathic recipient offer a broad spectrum of transmission formats for the narrator.

View Point

In the project room of the Kunstverein Kärnten October 2023

The point of view as a thematic judgement. It thus represents a certain attitude, conditioned by the preceding confrontation with certain circumstances.
The dependency of gaining knowledge is based on subjective perception, which is formed from the sum of individual socialisation processes as well as the respective biographical influences and inevitably leads to the illustration of diversity in societies.

pieces of one #0

In the tension between cultural diversity and societal narrow-mindedness, an artistic process emerges that views the fragmentation of the self as a creative force