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In view of the rapid social changes, urban space is becoming increasingly important. The majority of the European population lives in cities. The city is a settlement with a central function, in which economic, social and especially cultural impulses are developed and passed on.

Since social destructiveness plays an exponential role in my work, my aim is to change urban spaces in such a way that people not only have unrestricted access to art, but also perceive urban spaces as an important point based on social structures and actions.

Taking into account historical, cultural as well as political and social aspects, the creation of socially sustainable places in cities is of enormous importance.
This is not just about the architectural image of the cities, but primarily about the questions:

  • What is the human being 
  • What do people need to lead a happy life? 
  • How should urban spaces be designed to enable a happy life?

On this basis, I create concepts that use artistic strength to bring about temporary as well as permanent change in urban spaces.



The Rijeka Urban Roller Coaster

Based on the idea that everything is in a state of flux, in motion, which entails constant change and means that a given constellation can never be reproduced identically. This applies to all areas of life, on every level.

The river therefore signifies never-ending change. Rijeka’s name embodies change. Everything is in motion, nothing stands still, nothing can ever be reconstructed.

This river will flow at high speed through Rijeka's streets, between the houses, offering a heightened experience of today’s fast pace of life. Flashes of insight into the lives of the people of Rijeka, a snapshot of situations that never return, enhanced by the individual viewer’s choice of a vantage point from which to perceive them.

The safe construction of the roller coaster, directly connected to the city, is a solid foundation for change - and gives everyone the opportunity to actively participate in it without hazard.