Natasza deddner

conceptual artist



The idea for the "pieces of one" project came from my basic belief that all people are equal. Due to my migration background, the question of my identity has always arisen for me over the years I have lived in Germany. The problem of one's own identity and the search for it is intensified by xenophobia. There is still latent and increasingly open racism in Germany and other European countries. As a result, I was looking for a way to counteract this. In my view, art is an essential factor in contributing to social sensitization, provided that the interplay of the various artistic media provides easy access for many people without losing its appeal.


pieces of one #0

in cooperation with BV Galerie in Klagenfurt (A) 2024

Zbigniew Bajek • Jörg Ulrich Krah • Max Deddner • Orhan Çalışır • Natalia Neumann  

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