Natasza Deddner

conceptual artist

(...) her work is about the aesthetics of destruction. In her multi-layered glass object there is a rich play of light reflections. Surfaces burst open, splinters arrange themselves into angular complexes of form, here and there the underlying shimmers out of the depths in color.

Prof. Dr. Ulrika Eller-Rüter about 400 kg



(...) also in the film your performance is very impressive (...) you have a strong presence and so you can keep the concentration of the audience for a long time.

Dr. Isabel Rith-Magni (Art historian) about Ignorance I


When I look at Natasza Deddner's installations, I get an oppressive feeling of a premonition that something sinister is happening at this very moment. Something is happening that is threatening and endangers people's lives. I plunge along with the young Belarusian from the 15th floor in Natasza Deddner's video, gasping for breath as I realize that I have only a few seconds left to live.
The young people who disappear into nothingness and emerge just as wordlessly to leave again only make it clear how precious our lives are, and how carefully and sensibly we should handle our lifetime.

Natalia Neumann M.A. (Art Management) about 15th floor


Very strong and honest work. Her art ist Like a punch on the stomach, forcing you to confront the raw reality and activate your mind!

Evangelia 2021